Vanessa Bee


Despite having had horses all her life, Vanessa realised she knew nothing about them when she became the proud owner of four Exmoor ponies in 1995. She says it was they who decided that she needed to learn about equine behaviour, not just about riding.

After studying thousands of equines, she decided to set up an equestrian sport that put the horse first. So, after a lot of hard work, she started the Horse Agility Club in 2009. It has been a huge worldwide success and she has travelled to many countries teaching people and their horses.

The Horse Agility Handbook was her first book. She used her ponies for many of the photos, sending images of Exmoor ponies all over the world. Two other books followed: 3-Minute Horsemanship and Over, Under, Through: Obstacle Training For Horses.

Vanessa also has two DVDs: Vanessa Bee – Wild Horse Trainer and Horse Agility.