Meet the Herds

The following pictures are reproduced from the Exmoor Pony Map.

(c) Exmoor National Park Authority and the Exmoor Pony Festival Trust.

There are currently nineteen free-living registered herds on Exmoor within the Exmoor National Park.


The situation on the moor is always evolving and the following changes have occurred since the map was published:

  • Herd H23 has been disbanded
  • The ENPA have currently changed their policy so that they will be breeding foals in 2022 to replace losses from Herds H42 and H52.







To read more please follow the link below and then click on different albums to read about these herds.

During the Exmoor Pony Festival, a good number of the moorland herd owners are happy to take visitors to see their ponies on the moor and, where applicable, at their home farms.  Please contact Rob Taylor (co-ordinator for the Exmoor Committee of Herd Owners – ECHO)

There will be moor bred foals for sale this autumn.

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