Dr Sue Baker

SUE BAKER-0813.jpg

Sue Baker has been completely fascinated by Exmoor ponies since studying the ecology of the free-living herds on Exmoor for her Ph.D. in the late 1970s. This, and her subsequent research into their origins and history, culminated in the publication of a definitive book on the breed: Exmoor Ponies – Survival of the Fittest (A Natural History).

Sue moved to Exmoor twenty years ago, and now lives with her husband and dog in Dulverton. They have five Exmoor mares.

She has just published her new book The Exmoor Pony Chronicles, recording all sorts of things she has collected about Exmoor ponies.  Sue says, “I was so lucky to have the chance to hear wonderful stories of how the ponies were once at the heart of life for the Exmoor hill farmers and communities, and these tales are perhaps the most precious part of my new book.”