2016 – The Report

2016festivalbannerThis year’s festival is under way …..

Isn’t it great to know that registered Exmoor ponies (as recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust – Watchlist, Category 2 – Endangered) have been coming off the moor since the beginning of the 20th century. Some went to establish breeding herds throughout the UK and Europe and others became riding ponies. This year we are celebrating the role of the Exmoor pony both as a conservation grazer and as riding ponies.

To find out more about the history of the Exmoor pony then do come to one of our events – this year they are throughout the UK with the main aim of promoting the moor bred Exmoor pony and showing just how fabulous they are!

From Gather to Glory – from moor bred foal to fabulous ridden pony 🙂

Here’s what the Wallace’s said about the visit to the Anchor Herd in Yorkshire …

Great afternoon at Rock Farm. We welcomed a lot of enthusiastic Exmoor supporters to see our ponies.

The yearlings have only been handled for 6 weeks and coped with ‘humans’ in their yard and behaved well. Jampuff, 2 year old, loves being the center of attending and soaked it all up. The two brood mares allowed us to see their beautiful filly foals and we all had a chat about breed standard and condition scoring.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported us on the day – it was lovely to see you all.


From the Somerset Area Show…

Ponies with their Exmoor Pony Festival Rosettes given out to the best Moor Bred pony in each class.  Showing that Exmoor ponies go away from the moor not only to be shown (the owner of Greystonegate Dashel lives in Germany but he remains with his breeder’s on Exmoor) and Tawbitts Penny who forms part of the in-ground herd with the prefix Waltersgay.

Ad hoc Stud Visits

We realise that not everyone can get to Exmoor on a specific day so we are working with the Exmoor Committee of Herd Owners – ECHO – to provide opportunities to meet breeders and see their ponies.


We are just so busy we have not had time to put up more reports – but we have posted information on the facebook page!

Wonderful day at the Exmoor Pony Centre, fabulous Horse and Pony Author Event followed by the BBQ and Quiz – the ever popular Anchor Open Day was a great success and lots of people heading up to Haddon Hill on Tuesday 9th to see the Exmoor National Park Authorities ponies.

Stay tuned!